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Fundamentals of Music Theory

Practical general music theory for any musician starting from the ground up.
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The Music Theory Basics

What You'll Learn:
The Chromatic Scale
Key Signatures
The Circle Of 5ths
and more!
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Guitar Scales & Solos

How to solo on a guitar from beginner to advanced.
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The Scales Solos

What You'll Learn:
Understanding scale theory
How to play scales
Soloing techniques
The entire fret board
For every key signature
With only 3 easy patterns
Advanced solo techniques
and more!
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Music Theory Basics Guitar
Basic Theory Piano
Basic Theory Ukulele
Basic Theory Mandolin
Music Theory Advanced
Open Chord Beginner
Power Chords
Piano Beginner
Bass Beginner
Ukulele Beginner
Mandolin Beginner
Drums Beginner