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Kendall Flaherty Columbia Piano, Voice, Ukulele, Saxophone, Music Theory, Conducting.

Hi! I'm Kendall, and I've been fascinated with music since the day I was born, right here in Columbia, MO. I began learning piano at the age of 9, and I have loved playing music ever since. I have learned a wide range of instruments from saxophone and clarinet, all the way to ukulele. My passion has always been for piano though, and I loved every second teaching piano lessons since 2020. 

My favorite thing to do is listen to music, whether it be the classical inspirations of Chopin and Modest Mussorgsky, or some of my favorites by Stevie Wonder and The Alan Parsons Project, I always have music playing whenever and wherever I can! I love taking part in concert bands, small bands with friends, choir, and especially marching band! I have also been to all 88 state parks in Missouri and I love spending time outdoors!

I think it’s important to help students develop their own music tastes, classical and beyond. I have taught a wide variety of ages, and I love finding new and creative ways to teach new people. The students teach me just as much as I teach them! I believe music can improve anyone's life if they have a passion for it, and it’s never too late to start!

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