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Josh Golden Columbia Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ear Training, Music Theory, Song Writing, Ukulele, Mandolin.

Josh is a guitar player from O’Fallon, Missouri. He currently resides in Columbia and is working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology at Mizzou. He has been playing guitar, drums, and bass for over 8 years. After starting his musical journey in 6th grade, Josh fell deeper into his love for music and played in bands throughout high school. This experience gave him what he needed to expand his taste and musical abilities.

Josh enjoys playing, writing, and listening to as many genres of music as possible. He's an expert finger picker! These genres range from Bluegrass, to Indie, to Metal, and everything in between. Josh is experienced in playing rhythm and lead guitars, as well as writing original pieces. He is always looking to refine his musical skills and knowledge. No matter the taste in music, Josh is sure to be able to assist students on their musical journey.

In addition to guitar, drums, and bass, Josh has taught himself to play banjo, mandolin, ukulele, and piano.

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JT McClendon Columbia Drums.

JT is a drummer from Dixon, MO. He started playing drums as a toddler but started taking it seriously at around 13 years old. He played in school, churches, and cover bands growing up and now plays in a band around the Columbia area. As a kid he mostly listened to metal and heavy rock, which led to progressive metal and jazz in high school and college.

JT's passion and natural talent for drumming has helped him refine his skills to get where he is today. Now he wishes to help other people build their talent and skills so they can feel the joy of creating music. 

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