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James McClendon Columbia Drums.

JT is a drummer from Dixon, MO. He started playing drums as a toddler but started taking it seriously at around 13 years old. He played in school, churches, and cover bands growing up and now plays in a band around the Columbia area. As a kid he mostly listened to metal and heavy rock, which led to progressive metal and jazz in high school and college.

JT's passion and natural talent for drumming has helped him refine his skills to get where he is today. Now he wishes to help other people build their talent and skills so they can feel the joy of creating music. 

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Paul Wheeler Columbia Guitar, Piano, Bass, Voice, Drums, Ukulele, Mandolin, Ear Training, Music Theory, Improvisation, Song Writing, Double (stand-up) Bass.

Paul-Scott Wheeler is a Missouri-native singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Rolla.
His musical origins began singing Acapella in church, piano lessons at the local bookstore at age four, Mandolin lessons and annual bluegrass picnic-jams at the volunteer fire-station at age nine.

Paul-Scott returned to the Midwest in his mid-twenties, playing with bands in Missouri, but finding more passion working for various chefs throughout the state and sharing his cumulative knowledge of music from a very hands-on and educated perspective.

He is excited to be teaching and loves to teach any genre of music!
Wether it is making guitar or piano fun by teaching a young student their favorite cartoon theme song or teaching advanced music theory to an adult in an easy to understand way!

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