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Becca Griffin Columbia Guitar, Piano, Ukulele.

Rebecca Griffin is a piano and guitar teacher. She loves to teach beginners and enjoys journeying with students as they learn their instrument. She enjoys finding the best way to teach each student – everyone is different!

Rebecca Griffin has been playing guitar since a young age and has teaching experience even before being trained and starting here at A Major Music. She minored in music and is currently studying to become a Music Practitioner, a practice that creates a healing environment in clinical settings for patients by responding musically based on the science of sound. She uses voice, guitar, and piano for this practice.

Rebecca loves playing and singing for special events and has worked as a professional musician since 2010.

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Connor Maxey Columbia Guitar.

Passionate about the language of music and the art of the guitar, I am Connor Maxey, a dedicated guitar instructor. My journey in music began at a very young age, and since I was 14, the guitar has been my constant companion.

My grandfather loved playing the 12-bar blues and passed down his musical knowledge to me so my musical journey has been a fusion of diverse influences. From Rush to Tool, I have cultivated a versatile approach to the guitar, embracing various styles to create a rich and engaging learning experience.

But for me, learning the guitar goes beyond mastering chords and scales; it's about unleashing your inner voice through music. My teaching philosophy is all about nurturing creativity. I encourage my students to view the guitar not just as an instrument but as an extension of their body and mind. Together, we'll uncover your own unique voice on the guitar.

Being a left-handed guitarist, I understand the challenges of connecting with this beautiful instrument. That's why I believe patience is the key to learning and growing, both for myself and my students.

Beyond the guitar, I'm constantly exploring the vast world of music in my home studio. I delve into different mediums like DAW systems, always striving to expand my horizons. Before my journey as a guitar instructor, I spent several years on stage as a painting instructor, which means I'm no stranger to performing in front of others.

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Dante Cartwright Columbia Guitar, Saxophone, Ear Training, Song Writing, Ukulele.

Dante is an accomplished guitarist from Columbia, Missouri.

Since his 6th-grade days, Dante has showcased his musical talents in various settings, from performing with top nationally ranked high-school jazz bands to captivating audiences at concerts, and even participating in marching bands.

Dante's passion lies in teaching and discussing music. His teaching style is both informative and laid-back, creating a comfortable learning environment. One aspect he cherishes most about teaching is fulfilling students' requests by learning and playing songs they love.

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Josh Golden Columbia Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ear Training, Music Theory, Song Writing, Ukulele, Mandolin.

Josh is a guitar player from O’Fallon, Missouri. He currently resides in Columbia and is working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology at Mizzou. He has been playing guitar, drums, and bass for over 8 years. After starting his musical journey in 6th grade, Josh fell deeper into his love for music and played in bands throughout high school. This experience gave him what he needed to expand his taste and musical abilities.

Josh enjoys playing, writing, and listening to as many genres of music as possible. He's an expert finger picker! These genres range from Bluegrass, to Indie, to Metal, and everything in between. Josh is experienced in playing rhythm and lead guitars, as well as writing original pieces. He is always looking to refine his musical skills and knowledge. No matter the taste in music, Josh is sure to be able to assist students on their musical journey.

In addition to guitar, drums, and bass, Josh has taught himself to play banjo, mandolin, ukulele, and piano.

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Noah Schmitz Columbia Guitar.

Noah Schmitz is a guitar teacher from Kansas City, MO. He started playing when he was 14. Noah knows that anyone can learn and play music and he loves helping others achieve their dreams of becoming a musician! Noah would describe his teaching style as patient, accessible, and enthusiastic.

Noah started his musical journey at a young age by joining the ukulele club at his school. He fell in love with music and progressed so quickly that his instructor would have him help teach songs to the class. There he learned that playing music with others is one of the most fulfilling things in this life. Noah’s musical education is never finished, and he loves teaching others what he’s learned!

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Phiya Kushi Columbia Guitar, Piano, Ear Training, Arranging, Music Theory, Improvisation, Song Writing.

At an early age his older musical sister taught him to read music and he was immediately hooked. By age 11 he spent hours on the piano learning every song and style he heard and loved. In his teens, he was gifted a classical guitar and quickly developed the ability to learn songs and complex chord arrangements by ear on the guitar. Although he loves playing and teaching all different genres, his forte is classical and finger styles.

Professionally, Phiya is a macrobiotic educator and has worked in the natural and organic foods industry his entire life. Through the years, in his spare time and as a hobby, he strove to advance his musical skills whenever he could, focusing more recently on jazz piano improvisation and expanding his Brazilian, Spanish and classical guitar. Through the years he has met and been inspired by many musicians who sees music as the universal language that brings people together.

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Sage Cuebas Columbia Guitar, Improvisation, Song Writing.

Sage Cuebas is a nice, fun, and well-rounded guitarist hailing from New York City who specializes in heavy rock/metal.

Growing up in such a melting pot, he was exposed to music from all over the world at a young age, and that inspiration led him to start playing guitar at an early age.
He soaked up every music education program he could find, including classical guitar at university.
In time, he would come to take lessons from renowned guitarists Angel Vivaldi and Emil Werstler for a short time.

He played in various hard rock and heavy metal acts throughout New York State, eventually touring the country before landing permanently in Columbia, Missouri, where he began actively pursuing his project as a solo instrumental guitarist.
Since relocating to Missouri, he has branched out into a multitude of genres such as neo-soul, gypsy jazz, trap metal, and country, among others.

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