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Justin Mitchell Jeff City Guitar.

Justin is a skilled and proficient guitar teacher who derives immense joy from imparting knowledge in a relaxed, enjoyable, and approachable manner. His teaching style strikes a perfect balance between being laid-back and highly informative, resulting in an effective learning experience. Numerous students have expressed their delight in discovering how effortlessly they can master the guitar while simultaneously enjoying the process. The harmonious blend of ease and effectiveness that Justin brings to his teaching has resonated deeply with those he instructs.

Justin grew up in a musical family, where his father played the guitar and his mother played the piano. His fondness for music blossomed early, sparked by his initiation into the world of melodies as he learned to play the trumpet for the middle school band. At the age of ten, his journey took a new direction when his Uncle gifted him a guitar. Encouraged by his father, Justin delved into learning and quickly grasped three fundamental chords. He embraced his father's guidance, fostering his skills, and embarked on a journey of continuous improvement.

Justin seizes every chance to engage in musical collaboration, cherishing the opportunity to harmonize with others through his guitar. He views each performance as a learning experience, always seeking to refine his craft and expand his musical insight. Justin's devotion to his instrument is unwavering, a testament to his unbridled passion for music's ability to connect, inspire, and communicate beyond words.

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