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Vocal, Voice or Singing Instructors

Amanda Furtick

Piano, Vocals, Improvisation, and Song Writing

Amanda has been playing piano and taking private lessons since age 5. She studied music theory throughout high school and college and has played many genres such as musical theatre, classical, baroque, and contemporary. She began taking vocal lessons in early high school and participated in musical theatre for 6 years.

She has continued playing and singing all throughout her college career as an accompanist for the MU Women's Chorale and for individual vocalists, a Soprano in MU University Singers and Concert Chorale, as well as other singing opportunities, such as the Odyssey Series Bach choir and community ensembles.

She began teaching private piano lessons in 2011. She taught students in the community, as well as worked through the Judson Community Music School outside of Chicago, IL for 2 years. She began her degree in 2013 in Music Education & Entrepreneurship at Judson University in Elgin, Illinois. She transferred and is now finishing her degree at Mizzou in Vocal Music Education with a concentration in piano and has plans to student teach in January of 2019.

Kevin Jerez

Piano, Vocals, Improvisation, Theory, and Song Writing

Kevin Jerez is a very active musician in the Columbia, MO area. He has been a performer and teacher for nearly 10 years, and is looking to bring his experience to A Major.

Kevin's focus is on improving vocal range and vocal health, beginner to intermediate piano skills, and an overall application of music theory, as well as songwriting.

He will be incorporating basic part writing, interval and ear training, and even some recording skills.

He also loves to geek out over retro synthesizers and finding jazz techniques in pop music.

Kyra Jones

Voice and Singing, Saxophone, and Theory

Kyra Jones was born in Columbia, MO and has been singing and playing saxophone since the seventh grade. During their second year of studies at Truman State University, Kyra joined the vocal program and trained under Dr. Phyllis Robertson and Dr. Jeffrey Seppala; additionally, Kyra studied composition for a semester with Dr. Charles Gran.

Kyra also has a passion for German and had the exciting opportunity to go to school in Salzburg, Austria for a semester where they continued to hone their musical and compositional skills. Kyra is excited to pass musical knowledge on to others who want to learn more about music.

Aside from writing music and singing, Kyra spends most of their time caring for their three cats: Spectre, Bob, and Flash; and their snake, Arthur.

Kelsey Jackson

Piano, Vocals, Improvisation, Theory, and Song Writing

Kelsey Jackson is a professional piano and vocal instructor, as well as a professional jazz and gospel pianist for the band Jazz Toaster Trio. He and his band currently has five self-produced albums.

Kelsey has been playing piano since he was around 6 years old. He is currently the lead keyboardist for "The City," a contemporary praise band that performs for the Missouri United Methodist Church on a weekly basis.

Kelsey teaches and has a great appreciation for all genres music and skill levels, but specializes in accompanying intermediate-level singers who already read classical music but want to branch out into learning how to sing Jazz.

He is interested in a variety of hobbies and activities such as fitness and wellness activities, volunteer work for the food bank, church activities, and taking care of his pets.

Uriah Carter

Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele, Drums, and Vocals

Uriah Carter is a guitarist from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was raised by his grandparents in rural Choctaw, Oklahoma, where he loved to sing and discover new music on the radio. In 7th grade he joined his school choir, and was accepted into the East Central Oklahoma Choral District Association (ECOCDA). He also participated in his church bell choir, traveling to perform around Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado.

Uriah comes from a family of music-lovers, and he purchased his first Arbor electric guitar and Fender amp, and began learning. Years later, he sold his first car to purchase the guitar he still uses today, his Schecter C-1 Classic.

Uriah has two Associate's degrees: one in Enterprise Development; the other in Cyber Security. Although his young-adult career was centered on computers, Uriah is following his true passion and now teaches music. Uriah enjoys listening to, playing, writing, and teaching music. He is also active in Columbia's Yoga community, and believes in living a life of progress and self-betterment.

Ashley Ourada

Piano, Vocals, Organ, Theory, improvisation, and Song Writing

Ashley grew up on a cattle farm in a small town called Lucan found in the southwest corner of Minnesota.

Ashley loves music, she has been taking piano and organ lessons since she was 7 years old and continued taking lessons until her sophomore year in college at South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD. During this time of lessons, she participated in solo performances, studio forums, and dozens of piano and organ competitions where she usually ended with a perfect or near-perfect score!

Ashley's main focus at college was to finish her Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science. But she also pursued minors in Animal Health, Biology, Chemistry, and Music. In addition to taking piano lessons at college, Ashley was also involved in the Women's Chorus for three of the four years at SDSU.

Ashley graduated from SDSU May, 2017. And she recently moved to Columbia to attend the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine to pursue her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree. Music will always be an important part in her life. Even while in college she has done everything from accompanying soloists (vocal and instrumental) and choirs, to playing piano/organ at various churches, to playing piano/organ in weddings!

Ashley is excited to teach students through A Major Music. Music seems to be a dying art, and she wants to keep the love music alive. She cannot wait to share her talents with the students and help them develop their own talent and passion for music.

Tyler Kemp

Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Improvisation and Music Theory

Tyler is a trained and professional guitarist who entered his six-stringed journey after a live album blew his mind. He has a specific taste for an overdriven blues tone, but loves all genres of music from acoustic fingerpicking to progressive rock. Years of vocal experience help give Tyler an ear for notes, and leads to some great jam sessions.

Born and raised in central Missouri, Tyler is a 2014 Mizzou Alum who has not missed many home football games since 1991. With a wide variety of hobbies and skills from working on cars to videography, Tyler is easy to get along with and a patient teacher you are sure to have a fun time learning from.

Owning a small business gives Tyler a fair amount of scheduling flexibility, you can schedule appointments with him during weekday afternoons and evenings. Fill out a contact form to get in touch!